Last update February 2017

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  • only Bona Fide “First Claim” or “Second Claim” members of clubs affiliated to the HDSRL are eligible to compete in the League (sorry, guest runners are not allowed)
  • every competitor must be registered with England Athletics with a ‘competition license’
  • runners should wear club vests
  • runners must wear the race number issued to them throughout the year’s League events (including the Handicap race). Failure to do so will mean that the runner will not be recorded in the results and will not count for team points etc.


  • Runners and others take part in HDSRL events at their own risk. All runners must sign the disclaimer
    “I understand that HDSRL races are held in accordance with the Rules and the Safety Requirements of England Athletics. I confirm that I will check the organiser’s information and requirements in connection with any race I take part in. I accept the hazards involved in road running and acknowledge that I am entering and running in any race at my own risk. Other than the organiser’s liability for causing death or personal injury by negligence, I confirm that I understand that the organiser accepts no liability to me for any loss or damage of any nature to myself or my property arising out of my participation in the race.”
  • All races will have an England Athletics license, which requires the organisers to have conducted a risk assessment.
  • Further to that, it is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that they are happy with the safety of the course before competing.
    “Athletes are advised to examine the course for potential hazards before competing.
    The course has been checked by the organising club and a risk assessment conducted.
    Any competitor who has concerns about a safety aspect on the course should bring it to the attention of the organisers and/or the referee IMMEDIATELY. If the issue cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the ATHLETE he/she is advised not to participate in the race.”

Younger runners

  • Any runner must be aged 15 on the day of the race.
  • Runners under 17 years of age may only compete with the approval of their club, an adult club representative having considered the particular race and the abilities of the young athlete.


  • Clubs should pre-register runners on the online spreadsheet provided.  Entries must be registered 14 days prior to the date of the first race of the season.  Late entries must be registered not later than the evening before the race.  Failure to do this may mean that the runner will not be recorded in the results and will not count for team points etc.
  • The League Treasurer will invoice clubs at the end of the season all the runners registered by the club and all bib numbers issued to the club unless returned unused and in new condition.

League competition

  • Points in a nutshell:
    • Points will be based on relative position, e.g. 200 finishers in a race: winner gets 100 points, 50th finisher gets 75 points (well, just over 75 points actually), …, last finisher always gets 1 point.
      The results of all team and individual competitions except the Elite Team competition are calculated from these points
    • a runner’s veteran age class eligibilty (for team and individual competitions) is dependent on their age on the day of the race (so it may change mid-season)
    • points and Elite times are cumulative for the overall League result
    • the best 3 from 4 races count towards the cumulative individual results
    • the best 3 from 4 races count for the team points (revised 2017)


    Teams competitions

    • “Main team” competition: 10 runners from each club to score (may include Ladies, Vets, Lady Vets)
      There are League prizes for first and second teams overall.
    • Ladies team: 5 ladies (may include Lady Vets) to score
      There are League prizes for first and second Ladies teams.
    • Male Vets team: 5 to score
      League prize for first Vets team.
    • Lady Vets team: 3 to score
      League prize for first Lady Vets team.
    • Supervets team: 5 to score, male or female, V55 and above
      League prize for first Supervets team.
    • additionally, there is the Elite competition based on sum of the finish times of the club’s
      first 3 runners.
      League prize for first Elite team.
    • overall team results are based on the best 3 from 4 races (updated 2017)

    Individual competition

  • There are prizes for the overall male and female league champions and second and third places
  • In addition medals are awarded for the first placed in the following age categories:
    Male Vet: 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+,
  • Female Vet: 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55- 59, 60+
  • A medal will also be awarded to the winner of any other age band of 5 years, either male or female, in which there are at least 3 competitors who complete at least 3 races. For example, if there were 3 qualifying ladies of over 65 years, the winner of that group would be awarded a medal
  • A runner’s veteran age class eligibility is dependent on their age on the day of the race
    (if a runner changes age class part-way through the League, only those races on or after their birthday will count in the individual competition for the older age class but all that year’s races may count for the younger age class
  • The points gained by the runner from their best 3 from 4 races count in the calculation of these results
  • A runner may only count in the class for their age, as above, except in the case of overall League Champions:
    • the League Champion may be a Veteran, a Lady, or a Lady Veteran runner;
    • the League Ladies Champion may be a Lady Veteran runner:

    in which case the runner would be awarded the Champion trophy and their own Lady/Veteran/Lady Veteran age class medal

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