About the League

  • The Harrogate District Summer Race League (HDSRL or even HRL) is a friendly league of local running clubs which organises a series of summer evening races each year.
  • Races are generally 5-6 miles and on the road, although increasingly the races include off-road paths.
  • Distances are approximate and courses are not measured, which simplifies race organisation.
  • All races are covered by UK Athletics licenses.
  • All races are followed by a social ‘supper’ provided by the host club. (Note that, during the aftermath of COVID, some clubs may not  be able to offer a supper for the 2023 season. Please check the individual race details.)
  • Races are open only to members of affiliated clubs, with no guest runners permitted.
  • There is a one-off individual fee to cover the whole series of races and the handicap race.
  • Each affiliated club has one or more ‘reps’ who represent the club at general meetings of the League and act as a channel for communication between the League, the club and its members.
  • The league competition is followed by a handicap race and presentation evening. There are league prizes for individuals, club teams, and for the handicap race.

League Finances

A copy of the latest league accounts can be downloaded here.

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