Registration and BIB numbers

Entry and registration

The smooth running of the League races depends to a large extent on all runners pre-entering and being registered before the day of the race. We are not geared-up to take entries on the night and can only cope with a small number of changes eg for lost numbers. This does not prevent anyone from entering for race 2,say, who had not entered before race 1 but this should be done through your club rep in advance of the race day.

If too many people turn up looking for a replacement number or seeking to register on the night of a race they may find that they can’t be processed in time for the start of the race or in fact that there are no numbers available.

For 2019 we are looking at moving to individual online entry and the following link is for trial purposes at this stage (16 January)

You can enter HERE

Club reps will have the numbers well before the first race and are responsible for allocating them to their club members and registering the entrants through an online system. Your club rep will retain any unused numbers throughout the season and should be your first port of call if you want to register for a later race or need a replacement number.

BIB numbers and timing chips

The timing system which we used for the first time in 2016 is provided by Evensplits and the timing chips are fixed at the back of the bib number, which should be retained for use throughout the series as before.


The chips are quite robust and should last the season out provided they are handled with reasonable care and not put through the wash etc. Avoid bending or otherwise damaging the chips.

Remember that you must run with your number to be recorded by the chip-timing system.

If you run in a race without your bib number, you will not be recorded in the results and will gain no team or individual points.

Please try not to lose or forget your number as replacement numbers cause problems for everybody involved in processing the results

However if you do need a replacement number or don’t yet have one, you should first try to obtain one from your club rep, ideally before the day of the race. If this is not possible then you can try to find Nathan Smith (Harrogate Harriers) or Dave Seaman (Nidd Valley) on the night of the race who might have a few spares (or maybe some other club rep with a surplus will take pity on you!)


If you do succeed in finding a replacement number on the night of a race, take it to the timing tent, which will be at the finish area, and register your details there before the race starts.

A charge of £4 will be made for a replacement number to be settled by your club at the end of the season.


First an old one: Please don’t let anyone else run with your number or allow it to be accidentally swapped – e.g. with that of your spouse/partner. Write your name in the space provided on the back as soon as you get it.

If you lose or forget your number and you obtain a replacement, use the new number for all future races. If you find the old one later please don’t use it again or the results will be messed-up and you may not get a time for the handicap race.

If you have collected a number for someone who is not running on the night or have unallocated numbers (Club Reps!) please do not go near the finish area with them. They could be recorded as finishers!