The Norman Smith Handicap Race

  • The season concludes with this handicap race which is followed by the presentation of awards based on the results of the preceding 4 races. The handicap has its own prizes
  • any runner who has entered the series or even enters only for this event and has a bib number may take part but only those who have competed in at least 2 of the 4 preceding races will be given an official start time and will be eligible for the handicap prizes (2019: Runners who have completed only one race have been given an indicative start time based on that single performance. These are highlighted in the list of start times and do not qualify for the handicap competition)
  • a runner who does not have a start time should start at the same time as other runners of roughly the same ability or later to avoid finishing first more
  • the first qualifying runner to finish will be awarded the perpetual Norman Smith Handicap Shield (from 2010) and there will be shields for the first three qualifying runners
  • a runner’s handicap is based on their performances in the same year’s League events, as calculated by the League’s results team, but it may be adjusted if necessary