HDSRL web site photo policy

This applies to photos up to 2012.

The copyright of a photograph belongs to the photographer.

The photos on this website and on my Picasa/Google + website pages were taken by me. The main purpose of taking the photos is to help resolve results queries (and they do help!) but I like to share them with the runners too.

If there's a photo of you here, please feel free to take a copy. The photos on Picasa/Google + are at a reasonable resolution, but contact me if you'd like a better copy for some special reason, and I'll see if I can help (time's short, life's busy).

I am assuming that most people don't mind having their photo published here. You are not identified by name in the photo (a Google search, for example, may find you in the results but will not show your photo) and your photo is normally amongst 100's of photos of the same race. I check every photo and try to avoid publishing unflattering ones.
BUT if you see your photo on this site and you're unhappy about that, contact me and I'll remove it.

If you are NOT the subject of the photo and you're thinking of taking a copy, then you should only do that with the permission of the subject of the photo. Club newsletters and club web sites are likely to be OK, but anyone else really should contact the subject of the photo. And please acknowledge the photographer and the source harrogate-league.org.uk; as a matter of courtesy and also to help prevent people wrongly copying the photo.

Photos on this site should not be used for commercial purposes without the explicit permission of the subject and the photographer.

Hope that's all common sense and 'obvious', anyway.